We are the UK’s largest privately owned email agency. We are software developers*. We are creatives who understand data is not a strand fed into creative, data is creative.

We are also misfits. Rebellious and disruptive but in all the ways you need for us to be impactful. We’re experts at listening and we’re experts at matching big ideas to complex challenges and have a track record to prove it.

We don’t have an off-the-shelf product and a sales team trained to square-peg round-hole. We do, have a comprehensive tool-set and amazing capabilities but really, we’re happy to re-engineer our software so it’s right for your company.

We look to innovate wherever we can, not just creatively but also processes and approaches. Test, learn, repeat.

In agency land, typically a Creative Director will propose 3 worthy ideas and ask you to pick one for your campaign. We say, thank you for your time we’ll test them all and let you know which one performed best. None of us know what will work for millions of customers, we just have opinions and marketing is broken:

Right now, we all send an email campaign to a million people, 3000 of those convert and we think that’s great. Statistically that’s terrible and not making your customers happy. We’re here to help fix that.

Steve Ball, MD

We’re perfectionists so fit best with brands who obsess over the detail. This takes a little more time but you’ll learn more and there are fewer surprises. Innovation at scale is hard and to be successful you need to predict things in a way you haven’t needed to previously. Ask us for examples of this.

We are extremely proud to work with the following organisations:

*Altaire does not write software for anyone else, however we actively encourage joint ventures.