Active Content Platform

Personalise real-time inventory and messaging at scale.

Show off your inventory with real-time or action-driven content delivered with our Active Content Platform (ACP®). We’ll personalise your active content to make sure your customers see what’s relevant to them.

If you can imagine it and the data is there, we can probably make it happen.

Woman flower seller personalising a bunch of flowers

ACP® 1-1 personalisation delivers results

Scope the personalisation test or results you would like to achieve, and we’ll use our Active Content Platform to deliver it.

Whether it’s small but important tests such as which call to action, creative or text variant delivers better sales. Or a large test delivering next best action rules to millions of customers, even if that means delivering in real-time, we’re in.

You're in total control with ACP®

Select from ACP®‘s library of battle-tested existing algorithms, or, together with your analysts and data scientists, we’ll work together to define your custom algorithms. Wait, what?  Yes, bring your own algorithms. #noblackbox
hands typing on a keyboard for 1-1 personalisation

ACP® is completely customisable

ACP® is a collection of tools we’ve developed with the best-of-the-best to deliver personalisation on a truly massive scale. We’re continually learning how to harness its power. Talk to us about your scale challenges and we’ll expertly manage a solution for you.

The best way to understand our Active Content Platform is to see it in action. 
Drop us a line and we’ll show you live personalisation happening in your industry. Plus how easy we’ve made it for you to get started. 

Ready to up your game?

Personalisation products overview

Podder & Personalised Imagery

Join your text, data and imagery with Podder’s agile pods


Data Driven Pods

Hold your customers’ attention when you use data to personalise information in an engaging way


Dynamic Content Pods

Flexible, personalised, reactive & real-time messaging – made easy


Product Personalisation Engine

Real-time algorithms delivering personalised recommendations at scale


Recipe Personalisation Engine

Personalised recipes or meals? Who doesn’t love ‘em?


Active Content Platform

Personalise your real-time inventory with action-driven content, delivered at scale