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You retain your clients by consistently delivering great results

Making sure your clients are continually challenged, surprised and delighted with your work grows their businesses. It also cements your reputation as an Agency that delivers results through marketing excellence.

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Happy clients stay

You produce great work for your clients. They are more than satisfied with the quality of the service you offer. You do a great job of translating your clients’ briefs into a strategic plan covering all effective marketing channels. You share inspiring creative because everything you do for your clients shows how your customer-first thinking delivers results.

But your resources are a challenge because creatives, account managers and copywriters continually change. Workload can be erratic, and the required expertise for a new project may be fully deployed. If only you had….

On tap help and outsourcing options

You spend time and energy bringing new teams up to speed on your clients’ businesses and needs.

Outsourcing resource, time and cost-intensive tasks helps to keep work on track. And knowing you can rely on experienced external resource to cover transition periods is another lifeline. Your agency’s reputation is important, so options to help with resource challenges must be up to scratch and 100% reliable.

At Altaire, we take pride in our ability to deliver your agency quality comms at competitive prices. You’re using the right tools for your client’s marketing mix but so is everyone else.  So you need something that stands out from the crowd.

That’s where we come in.

With over 20 years of best-in-class email expertise we can offer you outsourcing help with:

Email strategy

Email is sometimes a less-cared-for channel with focus often given to the newer digital channels. Yet it’s one of the cheapest channels to use to reach and engage with your client’s audience.  The DMA Marketer Email Tracker shows customers still favour email. With easy-to-understand and share results, email is a very visible and accessible way to show your value to your clients.  

If you need actionable email strategy and lifecycle comms to improve email ROI, we have it. And deliver it with our unique toolset,  which allows us to build relevant customer-centric personalised comms.

We’re experienced at working in many different sectors including banking, retail, defence and FMCG for major UK and international companies.

Timesaving effective tools for email design and build

If you design in-house, you can speed up the processes giving your designers more time to be creative.

Share their creative email snippets in any format and our tool, Creators Studio, does the rest of the heavy lifting. The rest being HTML code and the email build, making sure the email will deploy accurately and responsively every time. All in a lot less time than your current processes. 

Your client’s brand guidelines are never broken when inputted into Creators Studio. Keeping yours and your client’s reputation safe, every time.

Customer-engaging email tech is hard to code. That’s why we offer over 40 engaging and interactive widgets, suitable for any desired outcome. From personalised comms to match local weather, to live tickertapes and countdown timers – all ready to be rebranded to your needs.

Personalisation expertise

Whether your client is ready to take baby steps or large strides on their personalisation journey, we can help. And have the expertise to help you deliver. Our Active Content Platform (ACP ®) enables us to personalise real-time inventory at scale. We can also deliver:

Inspiring clients when you try something new

We like to make sure there’s something available for every client need. If not, we’ll make it.

We innovate wherever we can and that includes creative use of data.

Take a look at our innovation page (link) for some inspiration. Some highlights include award-winning VR, exciting AR and data visualisation projects, and creative solutions to seriously large business challenges. Our favourites.

Data security and storage

Your and your client’s data is safe with us.

All data processing is wholly carried out within UK data centres. And we know what we’re doing, we’re ISO 27001:2017 certified – the highest recognised security certification. We’re also military approved JOSCAR stage 2, a requirement for working with the aerospace industry and defence and security sectors. This means we’re compliant with latest business and security standards.  

Data cleansing and data interrogation are our specialties, if you also need this expertise. 

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