AI & Machine Learning

We specialise in rapid prototyping to help solve your business challenges

Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will lead you to the best solution for your project

AI and connected Cities

AI is the perfect solution to interpret the patterns from the complexity of real-time data. Data which often comes from many different sources and in different formats. Cities face many challenges, from optimising transport routes, to understanding how to help disabled people move around with ease. We worked on a prototype to make key elements of a city connected though the use of AI and VR and delivered via an app. 

Are you challenged with a huge classification project?

AI can also be the right automation solution for large scale, currently manual, classification projects. For example, classification of volumes of disparate content, images and/or text.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is perfect for turning unstructured data into usable structured data, and for automating manual tasks on an ongoing basis. We used human assisted machine learning to cleanse and resolve data inconsistencies for our Product Personalisation Engine (PPE). This included large volumes of customer data, for one of our largest supermarkets.

AI and Connected Cities



Our results from creating innovative emails impressed our clients so much they challenged us to keep doing more.

Active Content Platform

Personalise real-time inventory and messaging at scale.

AI & Machine Learning​

Our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning will to lead you to the best solution for your project.

DATA Visualisation​

If you are fortunate enough to be data rich or have access to multiple data sources - explore using data visualisation.

Virtual Reality (VR)
In The Real World

Place your products in the perfect environment and allow the user to immerse themselves in your world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The potential for wider use makes it an easier option for many interactive solutions.

Creators Studio

We make your emails faster and better with Creators Studio and you still deploy them with your current email service provider (ESP).


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