Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is more than Pokemon Go

Use AR to give your customers a beneficial experience and it’s another engaging addition to your digital toolkit.

London Heathrow 3D AR

All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The potential for wider use makes it an easy option for many.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the newer kids on the block. You can digitally “try things out” and share your experiences before making the final decision. Amazon uses the technology so customers can see how new products look in their home on their smartphone before they buy

AR is already used for cosmetics and virtual fitting rooms. Use it to give your customers a beneficial experience and it’s another engaging addition to your digital toolkit.

AR showing planes at Heathrow Airport

Share interactive experienves with Augmented Reality

Your customers can experience and interact with the virtual environment via the headset and controllers. AR allows the same interactivity via an app on a tablet or other device. So customers can experience and interact not only with the environment, but also share the experience with others.

Take an Augmented Reality Real World Tour

We were tasked to visually and interactively, articulate a complex air traffic control challenge. It was made up of multiple projects and involved multiple stakeholders from both technical and non-technical bodies. Airspace is, by its nature, a three-dimensional environment. So, using AR as a solution was a no-brainer.

The app brought to life complex concepts supporting the airspace current challenges and future proposals, in both an interactive and elegant tablet experience.  Interested parties, for the first time, could see 3D models bringing the airspace challenges and proposals to life. Participants were highly engaged, which created a collaborative and productive environment for decision making.

AR makes knowledge building fun

Away days are fun, team-building, and an informative environment where important messages can be landed to larger audiences. Our clients organised a ‘Directors of the Future’ conference and wanted to make the annual summit also educational and interactive. We developed a cross-platform AR app and deployed it to all employees through their enterprise management solution

We added an element of gaming to make sure participant engagement was also fun. Participants were incentivised to visit all the stalls to find hidden gems. Once a gem was collected, they had to answer a question in the app about the stall. Giving the right answer meant the participant understood the key messages, because this was one of the summit’s KPIs. If participants answered each question correctly, they were entered into a competition to win a £250 charity donation.

The app also supported the event with the schedule, an AR map, contact details, and FAQs. All of which could be updated remotely and at any time.

Participant feedback from the summit was it was a resounding success

AR using a tablet



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Augmented Reality (AR)

All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The potential for wider use makes it an easier option for many interactive solutions.

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