Celebrating the 4th Industrial Revolution and the incredible benefits to humankind this will bring, we are committed to assisting companies with their complex automation requirements, and delivering these as a service or Automation As A Service (AAAS).

The previous evolutions of the ‘Industrial Revolutions’, focused on water, steam, electricity and information technology to create and automate mass production of products and services. The fourth is still in definition, although it is clear that speed of innovation and growth is unprecedented when compared to previous iterations.

This speed of transformation is taking even the well informed by surprise, as new challenges appear that very few could have predicted.

With a pandemic under our belts, this is evolving our futures in even more uncertain ways. The future of work? How do we even define ‘work’ anymore. This is a time that has made us all step back and look at our core values, and at a time when we have been forced to write a new story about how we want to work, rest and play..

The fourth industrial revolution has disrupted virtually every industry in every country.

With artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology. How is Altaire playing a part in this big cinematic picture?

Altaire has always been about “Question Everything”, thinking differently and helping business help its customers. We do not replace humans, we empower them to be more efficient.

  • Your employees through increased speed of delivery of information to your customer
  • Through the ability to keep that information accurate and on time
  • Through increased real-time insights across more data end points at a scale not thought possible
  • Customers get their own insights, recommendations and messaging in a manner that feels natural, and as expected – customers feel in control

Some of the projects we have recently delivered, to big names, free-up valuable analyst and internal resource time, or automate tasks we would undertake if the required human resource were viable are:

  • Real time offer engines – surfacing the right ‘offer’ at the right time for millions of users –  industry, food and beverage.
  • Global aviation flight data –  Consuming AND processing in real-time, delivered via various user experiences from Virtual Reality and education to large scale strategic planning for the future of travel – industry, aviation and travel.
  • Massive scale digital asset management –  used to empower big brands and their digital marketing agencies that would otherwise involve the impossibility of unlimited staff – industry, food and beverage.
  • Recipe personalisation – consuming billions of data points to suggest inspirational recipes a consumer may wish to explore –  industry, food and beverage.
  • Data cleansing and sorting – taking to another level, multiple data feeds of structured and unstructured data to create a single view with no human intervention – multi-industry.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) automation using human assisted machine learning to correct common but random errors in data resulting in an increased volume of usable data – multi-industry.
  • Human reporting replication automating common time-consuming but essential tasks departments endure which make their jobs less productive and decrease wellbeing – multi-industry.
  • Call centre queue management – real-time automated systems to divert traffic away from long consumer wait times to channels where call-centre staff can be more responsive, e.g. web-chat – industry, call centres.
  • Global communications –  we automate global marketing communications for organisations reaching 200+ countries and territories, including SKU currencies and territorial availability – industry, food and beverage, general commerce.
  • ‘Benefit firewalls’ – sometimes, your growth is well intentioned but locked away behind an online login. We uncover those benefits you’ve worked relentlessly to deliver and bring them front of house enabling more people to benefit – multi-industry.

It’s generally accepted automation is a key pillar to growth for most businesses and a critical component to any organisation considering personalisation of their user experience.

As a rule of thumb, most tasks which an analyst or business can define in detail can be automated at scale. This is an enabler of the 4th industrial revolution.

Automation is creating new job opportunities, new opportunities for people to deliver on domain expertise and improve processes beyond tradition.

Technology enables innovative solutions to drive your company forwards using data at its core, results which are transparent, and in many cases an almost immediate return.

How can Altaire help your business identify your customers’ next expectation?

If your company is looking to accelerate it’s digital transformation, or has vision into the 4th industrial revolution then we are keen to start a dialogue.