Automation As A Service (AAAS)

a robot automating the repetitive chores illustrating automation as a service
The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting nearly every industry in every country

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Automation as a service (AAAS) is the fourth industrial revolution. It celebrates the huge benefits that humankind gets with automation. Earlier industrial revolutions focused on water, steam and electricity. The latest, information technology (IT), sped up communication services and so much more.

This new fourth revolution is still in the defining stages, but, compared to earlier industrial revolutions, we’ve never seen this speed of innovation. In our daily lives we now embrace; artificial intelligence, big data, and a wide range of other future focussed technologies.

The rate of change has surprised everyone, from the novice to the well-informed. The same goes for the need for automation technologies. There are new challenges every day, and many are foreseeable to few.

Our future is evolving in ever more uncertain ways. The pandemic has sped up changes everywhere; the future of work, leisure and medicine to name a few. How do we even define ‘work’ anymore? This makes us all step back and take a long hard look at our core values. And it forces us to write a new story about how we want to work, rest and play.  And therefore how new and emerging technologies can help us. 

At Altaire, we help companies with their new and complex automation as a service needs. From the automation of simple repetitive tasks to complex customer service automation systems. It frees up valuable resources so you can focus on better productivity and long-term growth.

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