Your customers are busy. Real busy. Yeah, you’ve spent weeks planning your next campaign and it’s taken far too long to get it signed off but you know lots of people just won’t notice it buried amongst the myriad of other messages within their inbox.

So how do you change the status quo? How do you be one of those lucky brands whose emails are more likely to provoke a positive response amongst users and see those increased opens?

Apart from the obvious (personalisation, adding value/not overdoing it/curating and nurturing a well thought through and tested eCRM lifecycle) you also need to be doing more to involve the reader’s subconscious emotions. Instead of flat, static images there are plenty of modern things you could try and we’re not just talking animated gifs. Add interactivity with carousels, tap-and-reveal, quizzes, video and even shopping cart in email, all mirrored to your brand style. Save your customers time by hiding long sections of email until they choose to reveal it.

One word of caution: Most email clients support some form of interaction whilst some support none at all. Get it wrong and you risk damaging your brand by delivering a broken email. Get it right and you’ll likely hit that super-brand status in email, consistently doing things others cannot do whilst being one of those brands people don’t mind giving some of their valuable time to.

If you are customer-lifetime-value focused and want to offer the very best experiences (you probably won’t see an uplift if you ask us to do 1 email) we’d be keen to talk. All of Altaire’s clients enjoy this level of interactivity in almost every email. It’s our norm, and they’re growing because of it.

Aim high today and get in touch if you’d like to know more, or: