We make your emails faster and better with

Creators Studio

and still deploy with your current email service provider (ESP)

Best-in-class emails made easy

Our in-house tool, Creators Studio, automates the email creation process for your high-performing, quality emails.
Making your campaigns easier to deploy in super-quick time.

Email turnaround time minimised

What used to take two weeks, or more, we now complete in hours.

No need for you to code HTML

We build high-performing quality emails using your snippets.
Creators Studio automatically codes responsive HTML for every email.

Time-consuming chores automated for you

Both Dark Mode and fallback creatives are automated within Creators Studio. Saving you extra briefing and Quality Assurance time, and cost.

As you like it templates

We create your unique template, or you can chose an existing one. This allows us to drag and drop in your content features so you can concentrate on creating the perfect emails. Know your customers will see exactly what you intend.

Free email service provider integration

We integrate seamlessly with your existing ESP. For free.

Creators Studio saves you time and money

Creators Studio gives you more options and better results

Supercharge personalised content, real-time

Be real and live, whenever and wherever customers open their emails, we make sure they see your desired real-time content.

On brand every time

Once we add your brand guidelines to Creators Studio you’ll be confident we create your email on brand. Every time.

Stand out from the crowd

Choose from over 40 ready-to-use, innovative, customer-engaging email widgets to suit your business needs. Creators Studio automatically brands them for you, so your emails become more creative.

Split testing made easy

Testing small changes within your emails can give big results. Recent CTA tests showed uplifts in the click-to-open rate (CTOR) of up to 190%.

Automated product recommendations

Deliver the best offers for your customers in real-time with our tried and tested offer engines in Creators Studio.

Global audience variants

We’ll upload your translation document and Creators Studio creates every email variant.

Your emails will always work

Have confidence knowing email client updates will never again break your emails, and content will always render correctly. We keep the templates up-to-date, so you don’t have to.

Final sign off sorted

Preview and approve creative in any or all device formats before final sign off – it’s your choice with Creators Studio.

Best-in-class device testing

Have 100% confidence Creators Studio automatically makes emails perfectly responsive, resizing creative to display correctly on all devices. On top of using trusted email testing software, we test manually in our Device Lab. This includes testing on browsers and multiple email clients on current devices, and their previous versions.

Perfect legals across campaigns, automated

No more time-consuming checking and double-checking terms and conditions across your campaigns. Our Legal Module creates dynamic terms and conditions for each personalised offer at the moment of email open. Brief in one change and Creators Studio will update all your email campaign legals in a single click.

Creators Studio gives you confidence through trusted expertise

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