What is dark mode?

The latest updates to the Apple OS, iOS, Windows and Android have enabled the “dark mode” option (sometimes referred to as “night mode”).
Dark mode is often referred to as colour inversion. However, that isn’t the case.
There are some themes out there for various apps and settings that allow for colour inversion, the different dark modes available for many apps and email service providers simply refer to the use of dark background with white text, instead of a lighter background with black text.
The idea behind dark mode is that it causes less strain on a user’s eyes whilst allowing them to focus on what they’re viewing.

Benefits of dark mode

• It’s easier on the eyes. Light text on a dark background is much better for minimizing eye strain, especially in low-light situations.
• Reduces screen brightness, saving your battery life.
• Improve content legibility and can make it easier for some users to see content on desktop and mobile.
• Users may simply prefer darker interfaces.

What makes dark mode popular?

• Recommended by optometrists
Light text on a dark background is said to reduce eye strain. However, there is some dispute about this claim amongst optometrists.
• On-trend now
Many people turn it on just because it is “something new” and they want to try it out. It’s a new option but most devices use light mode by default. Not all apps are updated for dark mode.
• More comfortable
Some users find it more comfortable to read on dark screens, especially in low light.
• Saves your battery life
Google has confirmed that the dark mode on Android saves battery life by up to 50% on devices with OLED screens such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate P30.
Wired confirmed that dark mode has no impact on the battery life if the device uses an LCD screen (the iPhone X was Apple’s first mobile using an OLED screen).

Which email clients support dark mode?

Mobile Apps
• Gmail App (Android) • Gmail App (iOS) • Outlook App (Android) • Outlook App (iOS)
Desktop Clients
• Apple Mail • Outlook 2019 (Mac OS) • Outlook 2019 (Windows)
Web Clients
• Outlook.com

But just because email clients offer a way to set their user interfaces to a dark colour scheme, that doesn’t mean that they handle your emails the same way.

Email rendering is complex. An email that looks great in one client might look broken in another. Dark Mode adds another layer of complexity.

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