Data-Driven Pods

Hold your customer's attention when you use data to personalise information.

Customers love to see data-driven, personal and fun info

Such as data-driven content for personalising your email in a fun, light-hearted way.
Tell your customers what they’ve bought and display it in an engaging way.

It’s social media worthy if you’re the number one buyer of a product, but you don’t know unless you’re told.

Customers find it useful to see data-driven personalised info

When personalise data-driven information in a way to help understand and manage their priorities.

For example, the banking sector produces visual breakdowns of monthly spend, which helps customers manage their personal finance. Displaying data in this way is really useful for customers to understand both easy, and sometimes complex, information.

Data driven customer spend breakdown on an email
Data driven email showing real time of grocery arrival

Customers find it helpful to see info

Displaying data such as where their nearest store is, or what time their delivery is going to arrive. We’ve all waited in for deliveries that don’t show up on time. So no more wasted time waiting around for that delivery to arrive when your messages show really helpful info. 

We have also used this tech to let customerknow when their store of choice is least busy This data-driven information helps both the store and the customer. The customer can get in and out quickly and it helps stores manage customer footfall. 

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Hold your customers’ attention when you use data to personalise information in an engaging way


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