DATA Visualisation

Your data is brought to life with real-time data visualisation

Data visualisation makes data accessible

If you are lucky enough to be data rich or have access to multiple data sources – certainly explore using data visualisation. Engage teams around change by showing current opportunities. On the other hand demonstrate potential future scenarios to help decision making. The power of your data combined with interactive and, or, 3D imagery makes this possible.

Manage and approve your company wide email schedule with Nucleus

Nucleus is our online tool to make the scheduling of multiple emails across all company wide email programmes easy to manage. And it’s easy to configure to suit your company’s needs.

Nucleus streamlines the internal management of your email plan online by:

  • Showing a single view of all marketing emails in flow
  • Providing transparency and up-to-date information
  • Enabling a smoother and visible approval/re-approval process
  • Highlighting potential clashes
  • Helping with customer contact strategy
  • Encouraging cross functional working practices

Bring your data's potential to life

Bring the power of your data to your audience. In short we produce customised interactive and visually engaging representations of your data to suit your needs. Whether they’re powerful Management Information System (MIS) reports, or real-time actionable customer data.

Clever visuals are created by combining our Active Content Platform (ACP) with tools used to produce high quality digital games. WorldView is a perfect example of this. It collects data sources in a highly secure and visually interactive MIS platform. As a result it brings new customer insights and allows for highly targeted CRM. Live actionable, customised reports are also available at the click of a virtual button.

The service can be hosted on-site or remotely, as a secure Software as a Service (SAAS) offering. Above all, with extensive customisation possibilities for algorithms on your data, we can configure WorldView to your precise needs. Whether they’re global or more local.

Visualise the future - connected cities

Visualise what a customer-centric future will look like? Imagine opening an app to get real-time information for an entire city. Information such as:

  • Disabled user-friendly services
  • Sites of interest
  • Train delays and cancellations
  • Live bus route information between city and airport
  • Airport departures and arrivals; including destination and flight numbers
  • Police activity such as noise complaints or burglaries, and more.

This prototype involved storing and overlaying multiple live data sources so display real-time information on a scale 3D city map. And it’s all visually accessible on an immersive environment accessed through a VR app.

How would you like to visualise your future?



Our results from creating innovative emails impressed our clients so much they challenged us to keep doing more.

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Personalise real-time inventory and messaging at scale.

AI & Machine Learning​

Our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning will to lead you to the best solution for your project.

DATA Visualisation​

If you are fortunate enough to be data rich or have access to multiple data sources - explore using data visualisation.

Virtual Reality (VR)
In The Real World

Place your products in the perfect environment and allow the user to immerse themselves in your world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The potential for wider use makes it an easier option for many interactive solutions.

Creators Studio

We make your emails faster and better with Creators Studio and you still deploy them with your current email service provider (ESP).


Enjoy visibility, manage schedules and approve all email programmes across your company with Nucleus.