Dynamic Content Pods

Flexible, personalised, reactive and real-time messaging – made easy.

Ever wished you could add timely messaging to existing emails without the costly rebuilding process?

With our built-in Dynamic Content Pods (DCP) you can.


Flexible Dynamic Content Pods (DCP)

Adding planned or last-minute content to your emails

DCPs are coded content placeholders built into all existing email programmes. They use customers’ purchase history, behaviour and engagement data to allow more advanced content targeting.

You choose the position of the pods, then they are there ready and waiting for when you need them, even after an email has been sent.

Some of their many uses

React in the moment – email cover for any emergency

Covid-19 highlighted the need for all businesses to be ‘in the moment reactive’, whether communicating with their customers or colleagues.

Reactive – product recalls

Add a personalised recall message as a header to any email for the relevant customers.

Real-time - business opening and closures messaging -

Whether through design or emergencies, e.g., power failure or flooding, add useful messaging to the customers who need to know.

Planned strategic or tactical messaging

Perfect for planned sales or reactive discount messages, tailored to buyers or potential buyers of specific products.

Triggered by customer behaviour

Show personalised targeted content based on your customers’ latest action, be it browsing or purchasing behaviour.

Next best action messaging

Cross-sell other business areas with content targeted to select customers.

Changes made possible even after the email is sent

Make changes within seconds to any DCP – even after the email has been sent.

How could our DCPs help you?

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Dynamic Content Pods

Flexible, personalised, reactive & real-time messaging – made easy


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