Email Designers

Design excellence comes from great briefs, with time and space to be creative

You’re a great designer in your dream job. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with its downsides. Like delivering brilliant creative in unrealistic timelines from scarcely detailed briefs. And the expectation to always outdo your last piece of work.

Make your world easier by removing the time-consuming and repetitive design tasks

Tasks such as:

We can help by automating the post-creative design tasks for email and beyond.

email designer

Email creative sorted - your bag

Email build variants amends testing QA - our bag

We understand the stress last minute design changes add to your day. It’s why we created our email build system, Creators Studio, to automate, smooth and speed up email design and build processes.

Giving you time back to: interrogate briefs, understand client’s expectations, explore new design avenues, and keep your skills up-to-date.

Win time back with Creators Studio's help

Your snippets turned into html

Quality emails are created using your existing creative snippets and Creators Studio automatically codes perfectly responsive HTML for every email.

Final sign off cracked

Final sign-off is a cinch when you can preview, approve and share the creative in any and all formats. Creators Studio gives you that control.

Real-time content

Be real and live, whenever and wherever your customers open their email they will see your desired real-time updated content.

Emails turned around faster than ever before

Complete jobs, which used to take two weeks or more, sorted in hours.

Live amends made possible

With emails built in Creators Studio content can be amended  after your email is deployed. Great for those “oops” moments.

Always on brand

We input your brand guidelines into Creators Studio to make sure your email content is on brand. Every time.

Your creative will always work

Email client updates breaking your emails becomes a thing of the past. We keep your templates up to date, so you don’t have to. Giving you confidence that your emails always render correctly.

Get creative with our tech

Pick from our range of over 40 innovative customer-engaging email widgets we have to offer. Whatever your need, we have a solution. Or can make one.

Save time designing fall-back and Dark Mode

There’s no need to worry about fallback and dark mode alternatives. We take care of that automatically so there’s no additional design, rebuilding time, cost or effort.

Best-in-class device testing

Our testing gives you 100% confidence your emails resize and render correctly on all devices. As well as using industry-trusted software, emails are also tested in our own physical device lab. We manually test all emails in multiple email clients and browsers, using the most current devices and previous versions.

As you like it templates

We create your unique template, or we use an existing one, to drag and drop in your content features. Freeing you up to concentrate on creating the perfect creative, knowing customers see exactly what you want.

Automate terms and conditions (T&Cs)

Automated T&Cs means none of that time-consuming checking and double-checking across all campaigns. Brief in a change and Creators Studio applies it to your whole campaign in one go.

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