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Creator's Studio, an email builder for you - not everyone

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Firstly, a little bit of background to the project

Here at Altaire, some time ago, we had our own problems building emails. It’s not that we technically didn’t know how, more that we couldn’t meet demand. Especially with most of our customers enjoying tech and personalisation in almost every email.  Finding email builders and developers, with the skills and experience to do what our team does, is, honestly, very hard to find. We’ve tried, looked at home and abroad, and, based on company growth, we needed lots.

Automation is key, and we’re super lucky to have some of the most talented programmers. So, we agreed the idea of moving to some form of ‘drag and drop’ email builder. The project’s major benefit was to free up our highly skilled email coders, to create new tech for our customers.

Our market review showed the available email builders were nowhere near close to what we wanted to do. Our ambition was to make it really easy for people to build their own emails. And automate our manual in-house coding work for all business as usual (BAU) emails. Additionally, the existing tools didn’t do what we needed them to do. Or do it to our standards. They weren’t able to integrate with our other more advanced tools. Tools like ACP® our real-time offer engine platform. So we started designing and building our own in-house email builder.

Some differences between our email builder and everything else on the market

  • Our email builder, Creators Studio, uses a drag and drop web interface to quickly and easily create best-in-class emails. Including emails with enhanced and kinetic content
  • Importantly you can just as easily add a real-time 1-1 personalised offer engine to your email 
  • Split testing is built in
  • We’ve integrated other tools too, including:
    – our legal compliance framework to automatically build terms & conditions based on your email content 
    – our best-in-class Quality Control system, for easy testing and sign-off
  • It supports dynamic ads and mages, countdown timers, and branding modules 
  • Works with your ESP
  • And it’s easy to create language variants for global clients


You need no technical knowledge to create an email. In other words you create an email to the same standard our skilled email coders do. And that’s because they’ve made the entire Creators Studio email builder project with your needs in mind .

So, where’s Creators Studio at now?

We’re using Creators Studio in-house to build all our client emails, and have done so for many months. Now, we’re partnering with clients to make sure it’s ready for the hardest workloads. These workloads include financial services (banks) and government (NHS) which need the  toughest data quality control.

Creators Studio isn’t on general release, as we’re saving that for now.  But we are working with select clients and partners to make sure it can support all business types.

We’re very keen to work with companies whose email process is particularly complicated, regulated or has mature eCRM programmes. If that sounds like you why not give us a call?

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