Firstly, a little bit of background to the project.

Some time ago here at Altaire we had our own problems building emails. It’s not that we technically didn’t know how, more that we couldn’t meet demand, especially with most of our customers enjoying tech and personalisation in almost every email. Honestly, email developers with the skills and experience to do what our team does are very hard to find anywhere in the world (we’ve tried), and based on company growth we’d need lots.

We knew automation was key, and we’re super lucky to have some of the most talented programmers right here in our company, so the idea of moving to some form of drag and drop email builder was agreed. If successful this project would have the secondary major benefit of freeing up our highly skilled email coders to shake it up again and invent new things for our customers to test.

Following a comprehensive market review we quickly saw none of the available email build tools were anywhere near close to replicating what we manually code in-house for BAU emails (not surprising). Furthermore, the available tools can’t do what we need them to do, or to our standards, and are unable to integrate with our additional tools (such as our ACP real time offer-engine platform). So we set about building our own email builder, in-house.

A few differences between our email builder and everything else on the market:

  • Using a web-based drag and drop interface you can quickly and easily create best-in-class emails including enhanced/kinetic content
  • Using the same tool, adding a real-time 1-1 personalised offer engine to your email is just as simple
  • Split testing is built in
  • We’ve integrated other tools too, including our legal compliance framework (automatically generate terms & conditions based on the content you include in the email), and our legendary Quality Control system for easy testing and sign-off
  • Dynamic images, countdown timers, dynamic ads and branding module are also supported
  • It works with any ESP
  • We’ve made it easy to create language variants for global clients

One of the many great things about Creators Studio is that even with limited to no technical knowledge it allows users to create an email to the same standard that our skilled email coders would do manually (they’ve overseen the entire project).

So, where’s the project at?

It’s matured enough that we’ve been using it for all our client emails for many months and we’ve partnered with clients to ensure it’s ready for the really tough workloads, such as banks (financial services) and government (NHS).

Creators Studio isn’t on general release, we’re saving that for now, but we are working with select customers and partners to make sure it can support all business types. We’re particularly keen to work with people whose email process is particularly complicated, regulated or have mature eCRM programmes.

Why not get in touch and we’ll set up a remote demo?