Originally an Outer Space Lab project Worldview has matured sufficiently to now be on general release.

The service can be hosted on-site, or remotely as a secure SAAS offering and can absorb data in a variety of ways from a CSV, API’s or direct from your legacy platforms. Custom integration is welcome and encouraged and the platform is able to run in real-time, processing large amounts of data.

Since all menus/styles are customisable there are many use-cases for WorldView, however it is obviously suited to companies with global interests such as:

  • Global retailer marketing performance dashboard
  • Large territory retailer with global supply chain
  • Governments, transport agencies and national/international infrastructure visualisation
  • Global incident reporting, for example COVID-19 situation awareness

We are able to configure computational algorithms on your data in order to display the most useful information and setup alerts and triggers at certain thresholds. This could be useful in several ways, such as:

  • Alerting Area Managers to underperforming stores
  • Supply chain issue impact to current operations
  • Weather impact on seasonal assumptions, transport, traffic

We are actively encouraging collaboration to explore future uses of this tool, in particular around the areas of AI/ML to pre-process data to be displayed and to explore our options for a safe Infosec friendly deployment

Please get in touch for a remote demonstration or to learn more.