First let me introduce myself. I’m Joni, Head of Email at Altaire. I’m from Portugal and in 2014 I decided that it was time for a new experience away from my comfort zone, and that means outside of my country, a new language, new customs….

I’ve been an Altairian ever since because I found the right company for me.

First, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie! You need a nerf gun, to know how to play Arcade games and fly drones!

It’s an awesome environment to get the job done and to awake every morning wanting to do that again.

All of this looks great, but if you stay in a company for a couple of years, what you really want is progression and a Boss that understand your needs.

I can’t praise Altaire enough. Whenever we sit down in our performance reviews the focus from management is to empower us to be the best version of ourselves. They listen intently to what we imagine we could be, and then we make a plan to do that.

I started as an Email Developer, and became Head of Email a few years back. Not only do I feel I’ve been progressing but I’ve also had a chance to work on other amazing projects. And that’s because in Altaire you have a voice; every opinion is valuable and if it has legs, Altaire supports you.

On a personal side of things, can I just say “Thank you for being family friendly company!”. I became a father of a lovely daughter last year, and being in a foreign country it’s not easy. Maybe only when this happens do you value being close to family. Altaire was so supportive and with the their “working from home” benefit I was able to work from my country for a few months allowing time for my family to enjoy our little baby.

By the way, we love Altaire socials! Outside of work we like to have some proper fun! Once, when we celebrated Altaire’s 20th Birthday, some of us went on a cruise! Such good times!

I’m very happy at Altaire and when there’s a good mix of fun and work, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Joni Sousa
Head of Email