As we are now buying more online, it’s inevitable that a brand will want to follow up a sale with some form of marketing. If something was bought once before, there’s a high chance of buying again.

With that in mind, and knowing your customers as well as you do, you want to send emails that your customers look forward to getting, and more importantly, want to open.

Think about why people use your services. Try to reflect that in your emails to make people want to open them, every time they are sent. It might sound obvious, but don’t send things that people won’t open. And don’t bombard them with things they won’t open either. Your customer has trusted you to be responsible with their email address, so don’t abuse it.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your emails

  • Keep things clean and clear. Keep a good flow through the email, and don’t pull attention all over the place
  • Make any actions obvious. If you need someone to do something, make it clear what that is. Don’t make them have to think about what to do next
  • Get your customer to where you want them. Use your email to send a customer to the place that will give the best possible experience. If that’s your website, or app, then make sure your content does the best job to direct your customer to that right place
  • Think about what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s a service email, then it shouldn’t be trying to market anything. If it’s informational, could there be any relevant promotions?
  • Think about how the messaging is being presented. Is there too much reliance on images to get the main message across? Your email should still be successful without any images showing
  • Use it, if it makes sense to use it. With email clients offering more support for interactive ways of presenting content, there’s a temptation to use it because everyone else is. Ask yourself if will provide any value to the message that you’re sending

Altaire has the expertise to help you plan and present your email content. Our in-house teams can help your plan and write your content, through to designing it and getting the right balance of technology to complement what you’re trying to achieve.

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