Time and space to do a great job is always a challenge

‘More marketing please’, is the often heard call to help address reactive business challenges.
This is on top of your other planned strategic activities to improve your marketing return on investment (ROI).

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Customers are at the heart of everything you do

As a busy marketer you have to keep winning back time to concentrate on your key marketing priorities. One of which is cracking personalisation, so you can attract and retain more customers. But time is your enemy. 

When you simplify and automate your recurring tasks you can save time and money, and improve the quality of your marketing comms.

Here are a few ideas on how we can help. Many are quick wins whilst others may take more time. All will bring you the long-term benefits of investing in automation.

For visible results step up email marketing

Email is your cheapest, highly responsive and often most effective channel.

Our tools, systems and processes all help to:

We integrate quickly and easily with your, and your clients’, existing suppliers and service providers. So no hassle there.

For marketers, email remains the core of effective multichannel campaigns. It’s also a favoured channel of consumers, too

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Here's a flavour of some of the ways we help you improve your email marketing results

Email creative and build turnaround time smashed

Powerful, high performing emails are quick and easy to build with our in-house tool, Creators Studio. Once you are onboarded, you’ll find what used to take weeks now takes us hours.

Automate email design - no HTML needed

Share your creative snippets without needing to code HTML. We build all emails in our Creators Studio to make sure your designs automatically code correctly.

Automate email build with flexible templates

Customise a super-flexible template in Creators Studio, or, we can use an existing one to house your creative. Build is perfectly automated for you.

Stand out from the crowd

Choose from over 40 ready-to-use and innovative customer engaging email tech widgets to suit your business needs. From countdown timers to live betting odds and much more.

Automated fallback and Dark Mode email

Creators Studio does them for you automatically, saving you rebuilding time, cost, QA and review effort.

Multiple variants and languages

Upload your copy translations and our system creates the language variants for you.

Perfectly rendered emails

We always check for operating system and email client updates, and their impact on our email templates. Our keen-eyed Device Lab experts make sure your customers see perfectly rendered emails every time.

Terms and conditions amends in a click

No more time-consuming checking and double-checking terms and conditions across your campaigns. Brief in one change and Creators Studio will update all your email campaigns in a single click.

Final sign off - see whatever you want

Preview and approve creative in any or all formats before final sign off. It’s your choice.

Dedicated client success team

They’re there to help you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with our products and service.

Personalisation easy steps - add content to selected groups of customers

We embed code for dynamic content within your email templates. This makes the addition of planned or last-minute content into existing email programmes quick and easy.

Personalisation easy steps - with data-driven imagery

Surprise and delight your customers with a touch of personalised imagery.

Personalisation - Data Driven Pods (DDP)

Feed back your customer data in an easily digestible format. A great example of this is when banks show their customers where they are spending their hard earned cash.  It help customers manage their personal finance. 

Personalise real-time inventory at scale

Show your customers real-time or action driven inventory with active content personalisation delivered through our Active Content Platform (ACP® ).

Personalise product offer recommendations

You’ve seen how Amazon does it all the time after you have browsed their site. We do it for you too with our Personalised Product Engine tool and your data.  It’s a complex project giving sales uplifts that are worth the effort.

Other automated personalisation

Our broad experience means we can deliver any type of personalisation. You can find our personalisation examples here. If you have any ideas you’d like advice on just give us a call on 0845 67 12345.

We'll treat your data as our own

We’re fully certificated to handle the most sensitive of data and have in-house GDPR expertise to help with any of your needs.

Competitor's emails monitored

Set up automated reports on your competitors’ emails to stay ahead of the crowd with our Competitor Monitoring Tool. It’s so easy to keep up to date when you know what’s going on in your market. 

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