Enjoy visibility, manage schedules and approve all email programmes across your company with Nucleus

Nucleus is our new online tool to make the planning and scheduling of multiple emails, across all email programmes, easy to manage.

We built Nucleus to help our clients streamline and manage their business wide email marketing plans. 

As more business units needed email support, demands on the Managers were becoming unmanageable. So new processes were needed to manage both the plan and stakeholders.  Processes for the email manager to make sure customer contact strategy was not broken, and be able to approve or amend any schedule as needed. And for stakeholders to see company wide emails, to spot join-up opportunities and to manage their email processes. 

Nucleus shows and shares a real-time overview of all company wide emails in flow. 

We’re really pleased both the email marketing manager and our clients are delighted with it. So we’ve made it available as a stand alone cloud-based tool. And what’s more it’s really easy to configure to suit your company’s email plan management needs.

Tidy drawers just like Nucleus tidies email schedules
email manager

Nucleus helps your email manager streamline the internal management of your email plans online by:

Management of multiple emails comms made easy

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