Modern email templates, at times, have to try and do an incredible amount of things. When you think about all the things it’s doing, it’s quite an amazing feat.

Unlike a web page, which only needs to cater to web browsers (and has the benefit of a whole suite of tools and frameworks to give an enhanced, slick, experience to guide users through the content), emails are a lot more limited with what can be done. However, they’re increasingly being asked to behave like a web page.

A modern email:

  • needs to be responsive. The layout has to adapt, so that it gives the best experience for the device being viewed on
  • should degrade nicely. As well as offering any interactive elements, on devices that support it, it also has to offer up the same content on devices that don’t support it
  • be accessible to all. Unlike webpages, emails are increasingly being read out by our smart devices, so we need to make sure that they are read correctly. Similarly, they should read nicely to those that require assistive technology, such as anyone with visual impairments

Emails don’t have the luxury of using extra frameworks that web pages use. Like a soldier going off into battle behind enemy lines, an email needs to carry most of the things it needs to perform anywhere it ends up. Due to a number of security reasons, emails aren’t able use things such as Javascripts, and support of external stylesheets is limited. This means that the email developer has to be very skilled at utilising supported CSS techniques, to give the same effects across a number of email clients, and each have their own interpretation of how things are done.

Once an email is sent out, it’s not usually possible to make any update later on, so it has to be correct first time.

We are really fortunate at Altaire to have the best team of email developers. We’re constantly tweaking and improving templates, to make sure that emails are keeping up to date with constant changes within email clients, and devices to support.

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