Perfectly branded emails - every time

You’ve taken time and care to accurately define your brand presence for every communication. So, we’ve created systems to make sure your emails are always on brand.

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We're proud to be your brand guardian

Because only perfectly branded emails are good enough. We onboard your email brand guidelines, tone of voice documents, icons and any other brand assets into our Creators Studio. Next, your brand assets and rules are set up within your templates so they can’t be accidentally broken. However, this doesn’t mean your rules are set for life and you can’t change them. Because we know sometimes it is right to make changes, so we make that possible too. However, it does mean we keep your brand presence as you want, and need, it to be. 

On top of making sure your emails are always on-brand, in addition, we put everything through our Quality Assurance Control System (QACS). That’s because we’re perfectionists. And only then, after being thoroughly checked in minute detail, and tested on multiple-devices, we pass your emails as ready to be sent. 

Dark Light

Automated on-brand Dark Mode and fallback emails

Both Dark Mode and fallback emails sometimes aren’t given the same care and attention as their light mode counter-parts. However, having a Dark Mode and an appropriate fall back version is not only email best practice, but also shows you care about your audience.

Dark Mode is now available on a wide range of digital devices and many customers prefer to use it. 

Some prefer to use it because this mode works better in dark lighting conditions and so may reduce eye strain. And hence it is sometimes referred to as “night mode”. Light mode creates more glare, which, if used in low lighting conditions, can annoy others. For example, when you’re at home with others watching TV, or, in a cinema. With Dark Mode the dark background shows-off brightly coloured images and makes them stand out more. For instance, Spotify use this mode to draw attention to their desired content. Certainly using the black background as perfect foil for the vibrant album covers. 

For others, Dark Mode is tried because it’s something new and fashionable, or, they just prefer it. 

Creators Studio automatically codes and delivers your fallback and Dark Mode versions as part of our service. Moreover, as your brand guardian, we make sure these are also perfectly branded emails. Importantly, no more having to brief in, sign off, re-approve, and pay for these additional versions.

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