Segmentation & Personalisation

Keeps your customer's attention

Get personal, and in real-time

One-to-one email personalisation is now very  normal and, what’s more, your customers expect it. But it’s so much more than a well-placed name. When you get it right you’ll see all your metrics grow. Open rate (OR), click-through rate (CTR), click-to-open rate (CTOR) and, most importantly, your return on investment (ROI).

One email, countless personalised variants

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Image of a personalised travel email
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email illustrating personalised content for P&O
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email illustrating personalised content for P&O travel

Personalisation grabs your customer's attention

You only have a few seconds to catch and hold your customers’ attention. So make those seconds count with personalisation. Only then will your hard work lead to a sale, or, another action you need for your business.

Deliver personalised, relevant, timely and customer-first, messages and prove you both know, and respect, your customers.

Get it right and you’ll reap the rewards. That’s when your customers look forward to seeing your emails land in their in box. They open them, scroll through and see you’ve given them something of interest to engage with. And that only happens when you emails show you understand your customers.

Beyond segmentation

There’s many ways to simply segment your data. By all the usual ways; demographics, devices, time, location etc. We can do that too, but prefer to help you on your journey to true 1:1 personalisation. Not only that but we have the right tools to help you take your first, or more advanced, steps. And a whole section of this site so you’ll find the tools to suit you.

Customer-first personalisation today

By using tomorrow’s technology today, together we can un-leash the power of your data. And so help you move from batch and blast, to personalised emails at the individual customer level.

Not only for email, And, if you like, we can personalise for your website, social, mobile and app too.

happy woman looking at personalised email on phone

Personalisation products overview

Podder & Personalised Imagery

Join your text, data and imagery with Podder’s agile pods


Data Driven Pods

Hold your customers’ attention when you use data to personalise information in an engaging way


Dynamic Content Pods

Flexible, personalised, reactive & real-time messaging – made easy


Product Personalisation Engine

Real-time algorithms delivering personalised recommendations at scale


Recipe Personalisation Engine

Personalised recipes or meals? Who doesn’t love ‘em?


Active Content Platform

Personalise your real-time inventory with action-driven content, delivered at scale