Product Personalisation Engine

Personalise product recommendations at scale with our Product Personalisation Engine (PPE).

Make your emails hyper-engaging and show your customers their personalised products, whether on offer, or, for any other variable.


Engagement increases when you show your customers offers on products they usually buy, or predictive matches based on those products. We use PPE  to achieve this hyper-relevance in your communications. This tool uses multiple algorithms to sift through your data to identify the right products or services for your customers.

What’s more, when prices or other details change, it updates automatically to show your customers correct real-time information.

P&O mid-cruise email

Simple to setup and quick to get started

Once we have your data loaded onto our platform (we never need information which will identify any customer), our tried and tested algorithms integrate your desired business rules in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Your business rules are integral

Automated product recommendations are based on customers’ previous purchasing history. The highest level of quality assurance and coding of your business rules makes sure inappropriate products are not shown.

Accuracy is key to success

PPE allows 19m Sainsbury’s customers to open their email campaign at any time and see highly relevant, personalised product content. Automatically. Delivering this functionality at scale and in real-time is invaluable for businesses with large inventories and a huge benefit to customers.

Real-time delivery delivered

PPE calculates the most relevant products for any customer within a few milliseconds. Recommendations are delivered to millions of customers in real-time using dynamic content driven by our Active Content Platform (ACP®). A goal scored 5 minutes ago becomes a thing of the past.

Find out how PPE helps your business

Personalisation products overview

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Data Driven Pods

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Dynamic Content Pods

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Product Personalisation Engine

Real-time algorithms delivering personalised recommendations at scale


Recipe Personalisation Engine

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Active Content Platform

Personalise your real-time inventory with action-driven content, delivered at scale