Make light work of manually joining products, text and data to see your results grow.

Contextualise your content without first party data

Podder lets you add weather forecasts or add weather-appropriate products to your emails in real-time. Perfect for contextualising your content to make your creative more personalised.

Contextualising creative is very popular, especially for businesses with limited first party data.  A good example of popular contextual targeting is device targeting, when creative reacts to the device it is opened on. We know this better as responsive creative. 

Email showing 4 CTA tests made by Podder
Email showing 4 CTA tests made by Podder

Improve split testing

Podder’s agile pods allow you to optimise A/B or multiple split testing in real-time. The winning results are automated to deploy for the rest of the email send. Perfect for CTAs, hero images, headlines, position testing etc.

Appropriate content at time of email open

0 am
Email showing breakfast meal in the morning
0 am
email showing lunchtime meal suggestion
0 pm
email showing dinner meal

Contextualise your content related to the time of day. Remove the unknown around when customers open their emails. Podder always shows the correct content – porridge at breakfast, sandwiches at lunch, spaghetti at dinner. All you do is set up the variables and the rest is taken care of for you. 

Optimise for “trending now” with Podder

Podder puts the best performing content to the top of your email. Our real-time “voice-of-the crowd” algorithms select products, services, messages – or any other variable – with the most clicks for your champions. Your emails will automatically display the products people most want to see – and the results may surprise you.

Personalise your imagery at scale

Surprise and delight your customers with a touch of data-driven personalised imagery. You can customise any imagery at scale with the customer’s name or other information, or mix with our interactive tech for truly unique experiences. So perfect for offers, loyalty programmes, coupons, receipts, delivery dates and anything else you like.

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Personalisation products overview

Podder & Personalised Imagery

Join your text, data and imagery with Podder’s agile pods


Data Driven Pods

Hold your customers’ attention when you use data to personalise information in an engaging way


Dynamic Content Pods

Flexible, personalised, reactive & real-time messaging – made easy


Product Personalisation Engine

Real-time algorithms delivering personalised recommendations at scale


Recipe Personalisation Engine

Personalised recipes or meals? Who doesn’t love ‘em?


Active Content Platform

Personalise your real-time inventory with action-driven content, delivered at scale