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Quality Assurance is important pre flight checks
If it’s not perfect, it’s not going out

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Pre-deployment checks are so important

Just like a pre-flight engineers check, many checks are needed before an email is ready to go out. By the time an email arrives with Altaire’s quality assurance (QA) team it has been seen by many eyes, some eyes having seen it very closely and more than once. Checks from the client, their stakeholders, the Account Manager, the Email Designer, Builder and finally with Altaire’s QA specialists. Our highly-skilled, problem-solving, almost pedantic professionals take Altaire’s “Question Everything” motto and enthusiastically apply it to every email produced.  But the pie is not ready for the oven just yet – it will go past more eyes, more than once, because if it’s not perfect, it’s not going to the customer

Our quality assurance controls

At the heart of our team is our in-house Quality Assurance Control System (QACS), affectionately called “Duck”. It’s an ever-evolving beast under constant revision and improvement. Duck contains our Secret Sauce, a list of controls tailored to each individual client.  We ensure that not only does the email translate the brand’s identity to their customers, but its content is 100% accurate, whilst looking and working perfectly. Every email. Every time. Our controls range from: confirming the test email matches the client’s signed-off creative, through numerous aspects of its functionality, to simply having no typos. We’ll spot anything that’s wrong. From a missing space, to a 1-pixel error in an image, and the email will not be signed off until all controls have been passed. Only then is the email certified as approved.

Your email final sign-off mastered

And that’s just our internal quality assurance. Once we receive final tests we dive back in, running through a range of similar, different and ESP-specific sontrols to ensure it’s still perfect. Only when we are happy will we give our sign of approval.

Quality assurance is a reactive job, it requires unlimited levels of attention-to-detail, positivity and time-management. We’re perfectionists; confident in our skills and knowledge, with strong communication and interpersonal skills. You could say we’re professional nit-pickers with a licence to be nosy!

QA is both analytical and constructive, exhausting and exhilarating, pressured and rewarding.

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