Recipe Personalisation Engine

Personalised recipes – who doesn’t love ‘em? We all get bored of similar meals every week, right? Our Recipe Personalisation Engine (RPE) selects customer-relevant personalised recipe content, inspiring customers to try new food and recipes.

Steps to successful engagement

We rose to the challenge to deliver relevant, personalised and inspirational recipes. A prime example of how we can use our Active Content Platform (ACP) to hyper-personalise. RPE creates a flavour profile for each customer using flavours matched to the ingredients in their product purchase history. Recipes that best match a customer’s flavour profile are recommended within their email campaigns.

1. Recipe filter

RPE analyses the ingredients from products customers purchase to learn the flavours and tastes you might like, to select all Christmas and party or entertaining recipes.

2. Customer flavour profile

Using the customer’s flavour profile, RPE ranks the Christmas recipes. It assigns higher scores to recipes which contain the customer’s favourite flavours in the name or ingredients of the recipe.

3. Recipe recommendations

The four recipes with the highest score will be recommended, inspiring the customer to try new recipes they may not have considered before.

RPE outperformed the control (fall-back) recipes by 99% beating every KPI we jointly set.

Sainsbury's - 10th January 2020

Proven engagement results

Personalised creative achieves over 90% click to open rate (CTOR) uplift when compared against control creatives with non-personalised recipes.

Customised automation for other businesses

This is a highly successful but complex project that requires volumes of customer and purchase data. We can transfer this expertise to other big data challenges, but it’s difficult and not for the faint-hearted.

Are you ready to make the leap?

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