Legal terms and conditions systemised for accuracy and flexibility

Correct terms and conditions (T&Cs) are key to keeping you and your customers legally protected.

Especially when last-minute changes are needed.

Accuracy is essential

Terms and conditions are an essential, often last step, in the email design process. You spend time with your legal team to make sure your T&Cs are legally accurate before sending your emails.

We build emails with complicated terms and conditions including detailed product information. However the recurring need to make last-minute changes inspired us to automate this legal part of our email processes. Our unique innovative T&Cs management system is now integral to our Creators Studio in-house software email design and build tool. You give us your T&Cs paragraphs and our tool inserts what is needed, including dynamic modules for products, prices etc.

Person ensuring his bake is accurate just like our terms and conditions
0 hours

Email deployed featuring 6 products.

18 hours

One of the products is running low on stock.  

19 hours

Instead of showing a now invalid offer, you can manually or automatically select a new offer.

19 hours

New offer and associated T&Cs have now replaced the original offer and are live in the email. Any emails opened after this point will show the new offer.
All done post deployment without the need to contact your ESP.   

Need last minute legal updates?

But as we all know there are often unexpected, last-minute changes needed through no fault of your own.  Due to product availability, substitutes, spec changes, or the need to include additional terms and conditions brought about by external factors. You can now make a single, or group of changes, in one set of T&Cs, even after an email has been sent. This correctly updates and displays across any, or all, of your email campaigns as required. All changes can be done in seconds and show real-time in all emails opened after the change is made.

Time and cost savings
Once in place, the need for additional rebuild cost disappear, and extra Quality Assurance time and effort goes too.

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