Tracking your competitors email has never been so important

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It’s not copying, but let’s be honest, knowing what you competitors are doing, is invaluable

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Tracking your competitors emails

There are many experts in our industry. Lots. Thought leaders, people with inspiring track records and of course associations and industry veterans all beavering away right now publishing what you need to do to exit COVID. Yet here’s the thing, there are no experts in what changes are around the corner. None. Only you can decide what you do next and do that you must. So how about tracking your competitors emails?

Wanted for immediate start: exciting opportunity for an experienced expert in global pandemic recovery for marketing teams. Must have proven track record.

We probably all agree, things won’t be back to ‘normal’ for a while or even ever and of course we’re all in extra meetings to try and figure it out. In a way, for one-time only, we’re all in it together even, with our competitors. None of us know with any confidence and certainly no more than anyone else, but by keeping an extra eye on your competitors moves you can be a little more informed around yours.

Are they running with the same idea for a few email sends? Did they increase it’s exposure? Did they try something you liked last week but there’s no sign this week? These are all clues and you probably already look but you’ll also know how much time it zaps just collating this stuff. And then you need to get it presentation ready to share amongst your team….. Oh, and you have those other meetings now too.

You’ll learn how competitors send times have changed. Which days of the week they go out and to who, what their subject line trends are and much more.

The competitor monitoring tool service is also fully supported by our expert team. We can intelligently go shopping on your behalf to capture competitor ECRM journeys.

Tracking  your competitors emails with our competitor tool is easy. It quickly provides you with the information you need to know, giving you more time to spend on idea generation for your own strategy.

Use it in-house to save you valuable time, and make sure all your agencies have an account to so you know they will feed this additional data into their campaign ideas.

During the pandemic all customers can add unlimited users at no extra cost.

Head over to our dedicated competitor monitoring tool and get a live demo

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