We're the largest privately owned UK email marketing agency

Founded in 1999

Altaire started over 20 years ago. Since then, our email marketing agency has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with email creative, tech and data. Because of this we deliver, innovative, high performing, best-in-class emails, for some of the biggest well-known brands. We combine the largest privately owned UK email agency with a world-class digital studio and an epic professional software development team.  Allowing you to deliver your marketing goals of real-time, data-enabled projects.

We love the challenge of “if only…” and our existing and bespoke products deliver innovative campaigns at scale and pace.

We’re experts at listening and matching big ideas to complex challenges. That’s why we have a track record of cutting-edge marketing expertise in retail, banking, government bodies and more. Our credentials are ready and available to share with you.

Female designer at computer pushing UK email boundaries

Our founders

Steve Ball Altaire Email Marketing Agency MD

Steve Ball

Managing Director

Steve talks fast and thinks too much, he’s super keen to share and hugely inspiring. Somehow manages to guess what will happen next before anyone else. Steve loves anything that flies. Especially rockets.

Frank Dittmar Altaire Email Marketing Agency Director

Frank Dittmar


Been there, done that. Frank has grown start-ups to billion $ companies and always with his sleeves rolled up asking what’s next.  Frank loves fine wine and people who also aim high.

Eleanor Ball, Director, Altaire

Dr Eleanor Ball


Elle is smart. Very smart. A medical Doctor, ex GP and more recently Psychiatrist. Charity founder, public speaker, published author and solid mentor to all Altairians. Elle also loves relaxing in her beach hut.

Altaire colleagues at table on coffee break

Our team

UK email marketing team have spread their wings with most now securely working from home in various European countries.  We’re a team of highly-skilled individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise. Our  includes: creatives,  designers, developers, copywriters, GDPR and data experts, customer satisfaction professionals, device lab technicians, qualified marketers and strategists.

Our software developers and creatives thrive on improving and revolutionising systems and processes for our clients. Enabling data-driven results is at the centre of everything we do. Our quality assurance team obsess about the minute details. All so our customer care team can deliver the best possible results for our clients.

This expertise lets us achieve all projects for email programmes,  eCRM, VR, AR, big data projects, data visualisation and much more. 

Our ethos

Our team motto is Question Everything®. Something we live by, so we trademarked it.

Our continual innovation ensures your business-as-usual campaigns, like your business, continue to evolve to stay ahead of the rest.  We look to innovate wherever we can, not just creatively but also with processes, procedures and approaches.

Test, learn, improve, repeat. Test, learn, improve, repeat….

Time to think and grow

All team members can take 10% of their time to look to develop anything of interest and benefit to any part of our business activities.

Our capabilites

We have a wide range of capabilities, a comprehensive tool-set and a team with impressive experience and expertise.

But first and foremost we want our products and services to be right for your company. So we’re happy to re-engineer our software to perfectly fit your systems and processes.

Your best fit

We’re perfectionists, so fit best with brands who see both the big picture and obsess over the detail. Innovation at scale is tricky and success depends on the ability to predict things in a way you haven’t before. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but your business will learn more and experience fewer surprises in the long run.