Virtual Reality in the Real World

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaming and much, much more.
Just your imagination, a headset and some paddles needed.

Place your products in the perfect environment and allow the user to immerse themselves in your world.

Tell a story with virtual reality (VR). It offers endless possibilities to expand your campaigns beyond the norm. It allows your customers to see, experience and engage with your brand, products and services as never before. The emotional connection it creates positions your brand as advanced, forward thinking and so more desirable.

Take a VR tour for emotional engagement

Programmes like ‘Your Home Made Perfect” show the emotional impact VR has when people see the potential changes to their homes. Embracing VR helps your customers explore and inform their purchase. It’s a very useful tool for showing what early-stage designs will look like once completed. Whether it’s for new properties, towns, a new car, or products – you can view them from the office or home.

VR also adds interactivity. We helped Emirates Spinnaker Tower, a static attraction tour, engage their visitors like never before. As well as spectacular views of the South Coast, the tower offers a sky walk. The experience allows you to walk out onto one of the narrow ribs, which run along the front. Virtually of course, to bring some “wow” factor 100 metres above sea level. 

This VR tour continues to bring in additional revenue and repeat business for Spinnaker Tower. And it paid back its investment ahead of forecast.

Innovation ideas brought to life

Many companies develop, test and redevelop prototypes through their innovation arm.

We teamed up with the leading provider of air traffic control services, we partnered to create Outer SPACE, with the goal to evolve products and design. Sleek and futuristic, it allows users to explore current projects in an interactive VR medium. It accelerates stakeholder and staff engagement and encourages collaboration and idea generation. It’s so successful the innovation team use VR as the core medium for all conferences and trade shows.

Award winning VR gaming

Famous gaming YouTubers love our award winning VR game Mass Exodus.  A local multiplayer game (a first for VR) developed from the ground up. Set in a factory full of androids, controlled by the sinister Seeker, there’s only one way to escape. The PC players navigates a rogue android around the factory to turn off all four power consoles while blending in. The other becomes the Seeker, in VR, and searches for the android before they reach the consoles.

Exploring Future Trends

What would happen if everything thought leaders discussed happened in your industry?

We work with many companies to visualise, and therefore clearly demonstrate ideas and share knowledge using the emmersiveness of VR, such as this example where we built a groceries store including products and the ability to check-out.


Innovation to help create awareness

What is it like to have a vision impairment?

We created a virtual kitchen with several tasks available. The headset simulates the visual distortions migraine sufferers often have while you make tea or close the oven. And so helps us to understand what those around us go through.


Virtually visualise the future - connected cities

Put customers right at the centre of everything, all with a single app. Deliver visually enagaging, City-wide information connected in real-time. Including, but not limited to:

  • Attractions
  • Accessibility services
  • Places of interest
  • Up-to-date travel information for buses, trains and flights
  • Police activity

This prototype displays all this information on a scale 3D city map, overlaid with live data sources. And it’s an environment  customers can immerse themselves in through a VR app.

Try before you buy ideas - Luxury Cars

Buying a new car is a big decision. Why not let customers explore what suits them best with the trim, interior configuration, and more? VR is a useful tool to help buyers take a step closer to their purchase.

Virtually paint your room

A VR experience to allow the user to tryout hundreds of different colour schemes. And not a single drop of paint spilled. Users have a choice of a range of colours and can paint walls, ceilings, and woodwork for their virtual room Makeover.

VR Expertise - Event experience

We offer a full end-to-end service to build a bespoke CG, 360 video or combined VR environment. With the best VR hardware on the market and any 4D additions required, we create your immersive and unforgettable experience. The only restriction is your imagination.

VR Apps - Development

It’s easy to engage your smartphone audience as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear have made VR accessible. We produce multi-platform and dedicated VR apps, making sure we maximise hardware potentials and deliver the best possible experience. VR is technology with unprecedented reach. With the cost of headsets starting at £6 the option to create a free branded consumable is available for companies.

VR 360 video- Production

Engage your VR audience through Facebook and YouTube – both now supporting 360 videos. Perfect marketing channels to extend your VR experience reach. High definition cameras and a specially designed rig mean we can capture full 360 scenes from static or moving position. Viewable in any VR headset, the quality and immersive nature of 360 video is powerful, making the user feel they are in a different place.



Our results from creating innovative emails impressed our clients so much they challenged us to keep doing more.

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Personalise real-time inventory and messaging at scale.

AI & Machine Learning​

Our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning will to lead you to the best solution for your project.

DATA Visualisation​

If you are fortunate enough to be data rich or have access to multiple data sources - explore using data visualisation.

Virtual Reality (VR)
In The Real World

Place your products in the perfect environment and allow the user to immerse themselves in your world.

Augmented Reality (AR)

All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The potential for wider use makes it an easier option for many interactive solutions.

Creators Studio

We make your emails faster and better with Creators Studio and you still deploy them with your current email service provider (ESP).


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