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Real-time big data brought to life for a strategic MIS

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Your world, big or small, your data, your decisions

What is data visualisation, and do I need it?

We all know data visualisation in its simplest form. It’s a power point presentation on screen with a nice graph showing sales figures, or other data. Old school data visuals are just not able to do what’s needed. With visually engaging and interactive tools, we do much better, in today’s world of big data. 

It’s why we built World View.

In our WorldView challenge we brought large quantities of big data, from various global sources, together. And showed the data in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way. Our tool shows data, in the ways you need to see it, to help your business. So you get the benefits only actionable data insights bring. For decision makers, the management information is invaluable. 

You’ll see from the video how powerful this tool is at showing data in an a useful real-time and visual way. And it’s easy to change the software to make it suit to each client’s unique needs. 

Worldview is a mature product and now available on general release

Our data visualisation service is hosted on-site, or remotely as a secure SAAS offering taking in data in a variety of ways. From a CSV, API’s or direct from your legacy platforms. We welcome and encourage custom integration, as the platform runs in real-time, and processes large amounts of data. As much data as you need it to actually.

Clients can customise all menus and styles and there are many use-cases for WorldView 
data visualisation. However, it is very well suited to companies with international or global interests for example:

  • Global retailer sales or marketing performance dashboards
  • Large territory retailer with an international supply chain
  • Governments, transport agencies and national/international infrastructure visualisation
  • Global incident reporting, for example COVID-19 situation awareness

You tell us what you want to see and we configure the algorithms to show the data exactly as you want it. We also setup alerts and triggers as you need them. This has many uses such as:

  • Alerting Area Managers to underperforming stores
  • Showing supply chain issue impact to current operations
  • Highlighting weather impact on seasonal assumptions, transport, traffic

We always encourage collaboration to explore future uses for this data visualisation tool. In particular around the areas of AI/ML to pre-process data to be displayed, and to explore options for a safe Infosec friendly deployment.

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