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The questions we get asked The Most

Our company works on a wide variety of projects using often cutting edge technology. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we hear.

Altaire offers a full range of services for software development, data enablement, digital transformation, process change, user adoption, security and project management.

Once we've got to know each other and understand each others roles within your project we can quickly provide you with a full pricing breakdown. Altaire has spent years developing efficiency tools and processes enabling us to comparitively offer excellent value for money.

We are flexible, some of our more popular ways of working are retained team, fixed priced based on work orders and ad-hoc research projects. Our flexibility extends depending on project/budget to permanent or temporary resource, on or off-site.

Quality assurance is our top priority even during prototyping, ensuring those important internal demos go smoothly. Where relevant we work to ISO 9001 standards and have extensive experience working alongside government, NHS and military bodies.

We should be able to guestimate effort after an initial discussion to understand the features required for your demo. Our team is quick, and our processes keep you constantly in the loop so you'll always know what's happening.

There's no project too small and you can retain team mebers ongoing for larger projects.

We work with clients globally. Many of our clients operate around the world and we can structure work plans to support local timezones.

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